Artist: Spooky
Title: Belong
Label: Deviant Records
By: Simon Jones | 3 June 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Echospace Mix
  • C: Splinter Mix
  • D: Flangescopic Dub

Spooky "Belong"

Out Now on Deviant Records

The mid 90s were dominated by labels like Jackpot, Guerilla and Stress, and artists such as Fluke, Future Sound Of London and Spooky. As the years went on, all the labels folded, Fluke seemed to fade into the background, FSOL took a hiatus due to one of the members becoming ill and Spooky went their separate ways, Charlie May going on to work with Sasha and William Orbit to name but two, and Duncan Forbes going off to work on the Animated project. Fast-forward to present day, and Spooky have returned. Enlisting the help of west country vocalist Julie Daske, the duo are now ready to unleash their comeback single, Belong.

Spread over a doublepack of 12s, there are four different mixes on offer here. First up is the Original Mix. Warm melodies lead us into a mellow beat, as sublime chords wash over the percussion line, and subtle chords roll in and out of the soundscape, before Julie's harmonious vocal eases it's way to the surface. The pace stays constant at around 130bpm and this is really a record that will get you in the mood for summer evenings, the terrace at Space or an after hours party. Even after such a long hiatus, Spooky show they have not lost their touch. Flip over the 12" and we have the Echospace Mix, which is quite literally one of the most beautiful ambient tracks I've ever heard. Julie's vocals get shown off to great effect over a series of beats and soft bass. It almost sounds like something you would hear on the streets of an historic medieval town, a warm, enchanting song that just pierces your soul.

You may think, well its not quite the kind of thing I'd hear in a club, but fear not, the second 12 has some club mixes to whet your appetite. The Splinter Mix utilises a fast rolling percussion line that Julie's vocals weave in and out of the bassline with precision control. The track fades into a chord change momentarily before letting the main vocal riff take control. The Flangescopic Dub utilises a similar formula, stripping back the vocal to a bear minimum, and providing a great alternative club mix to the Splinter mix. It is this mix that is also featured on John Digweed's MMII cd.

Several years later, it's like they were never gone, and having utilised all the experience they have learnt from their various experiences since, Duncan Forbes and Charlie May, two friends who have pretty much shared each experience of their lives together, have delivered yet another astounding production that no self respecting dj or music lover will be without, and show that in this day and age of a more mainstream dance scene, they still have the ability to produce something innovative that appeals to many sections of the dance spectrum. They shall return later in the year with another single entitled 'Gorgeous'. Watch out for it.

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