Artist: Sphere & Accorsi
Title: Set The Mood / Take It Hard
Label: EQ Grey
By: Simon Jones | 19 February 2002
  • A: Set The Mood
  • B: Take It Hard

Sphere & Accorsi "Set The Mood / Take It Hard"

Out Now on EQ Grey

Barry Robb and Martin Accori's first collaborative effort, Foundation quickly found its way onto Deep Dish's Global Underground cd and was almost straight after signed up to Yoshitoshi. Now they attempt to follow on from the momentum built with that release with this one for the Australian label, EQ with the double whammy that is Set The Mood and Take It Hard.

Set The Mood has a deep eerie intro that slowly evolves before a kickdrum signals the start of the main percussive groove, as sinister screaming synths rupture the bassline on occasion, surfacing between tough drum beats that lift the track and push it along, getting sleazier out of the break and screaming along furiously into the final few minutes. Dark, filthy and moody as fuck.

Take It Hard is a more progressive workout, very similar in vein to the original, but not being restrained by the long intro, and subsequently grabbing your senses tightly and pulling you around on the dancefloor, before dropping off the edge into a deep break before fading out slowly and surely. A sublime compliment to Set The Mood whch gives this release a wider appeal for use in various sets at various times of the evening.

Being only the third release on EQ, this label has quickly gained recognition with many top tier DJs and bedroom DJs alike, and with support for this release coming from Moshic and Zidan from the offset, it looks like this release will be no exception.

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