Artist: Southern Comforter
Title: Another Late Thursday
Label: Automatic Records
By: Simon Jones | 21 January 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Spincycle Mix

Southern Comforter "Another Late Thursday"

Out Now on Automatic Records

Southern Comforter is the collective name of two names who as part of other outfits you may unwaringly know, the two being James Christopher, who is also one half of the acclaimed Ashtrax as well as producing solo as Stalker, and Stretch, from Stretch and Vern.

Another Late Thursday is a dreamy slice of prog house, starting with a melancholicly refrained intro, melting into atmospheric sweeps and lush chord changes, as the soft percussion bubbles and boils below the surface, giving way to a soothing break as filtered effects ooze through the beats, building once more into a harrowing drop that lets your concience melt into the sweeping soundscape.

Meanwhile, the most excellent Spin Cycle deliver the remix, a tech influenced rework, which in comparison is faster paced, as the bassline sublimely bounces along, drifting through series upon series of rattling fx, losing the bass momentarily before it comes rumbling back, deeper than ever. A funky remix that sounds awesome on a big system and has found favour with the likes of Sasha and Danny Howells amongst many others.

With releases from Filter Tip and the consistantly good Tim Healy, Automatic look set to have a great start to 2002, and hopefully we will hear more productions from this excellent artists

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