Artist: Source of Gravity
Title: Overload / Sacrifice
Label: Three Records
By: Simon Jones | 21 August 2002
  • A: Overload
  • B: Sacrifice

Source of Gravity "Overload / Sacrifice"

Out Now on Three Records

Source Of Gravity hail from the Isle Of Man and consist of brothers Christian and Oliver and Steriopulos and fast rising studio engineer and producer Mark Wheawill. Already they have enjoyed success with their Source Of Gravity and Gravitation imprints and have licensed material to Black Ice, Mechanism and this new label Three, and have offered up two very different tracks 'Overload and 'Sacrifice'.

Overload is a journey into the depths of tribal house. Tight drum patterns, soft percussion and powerful vocals form the groove along which this track runs, twisting, turning, as it enters the dark break which gives way to a more lush house vibe and captivating melodies, totally out of the blue, but gives the track an extra dimension. Nicely done.

Sacrifice is a throw back to the days when an 808 was all the rage, trippy analogue-esque percussion fluctuates back and forth as the track evolves into a life of it's own, picking up halfway through onto a more dramatic and dreamy direction that is as equally uplifting as it is deep. Depth comes as standard here.

Source Of Gravity seem to be on a roll at the moment with Mark Wheawill getting much attention from the label in addition to Oliver and Chris having just enjoyed the 10th release of their own imprint of the same name. One can only imagine what the future holds for these youngsters.

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