Artist: Source of Gravity
Title: Fusion / Cydonia
Label: Mechanism Records
By: Simon Jones | 13 August 2002
  • A: Fusion
  • B: Cydonia

Source of Gravity "Fusion / Cydonia"

Out Now on Mechanism Records

Source Of Gravity are brothers Christianr and Oliver Steriopulos along with studio engineer Mark Wheaill. Together they have had many top releases on their own Source Of Gravity and Gravitation imprint. More recently has seen MArk branch out with releases on Baroque and Method whilst as Source Of Gravity the boys have had a release on Three with a further release on Black Ice forthcoming, but for now let's concentrate on this Mechanism release, the AA side Fusion / Cydonia.

Fusion starts off with some subtle acidic percussion which slowly slips into some dreamy synth arrangements. Tech house style hi hats float over the deep bassline with precision execution, holding everything together until we come to the break where things rotate on their axis slightly taking us into the darkness as the track takes on a much larger echoing feel. Subtle yet powerful. A nice way to start off this double helping of tracks.

Cydonia on the other hand is on a tougher, chunkier tip. Low end bass of the kind you'd find Sasha using to build the mood is evident from the offset. As we get drawn into the groove the track drops down a notch halfway through and gets all twisted on us. Pure heads down madness.

With future releases to come from Darko and Duel plus many other surprises planned for the coming months, Mechanism are on a roll at the moment.

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