Artist: Smight Vs Magic Shoe
Title: Aglets / Brain Walking
Label: Niche Records
By: Simon Jones | 10 December 2002
  • A: Aglets
  • B: Brain Walking

Smight Vs Magic Shoe "Aglets / Brain Walking"

Out Now on Niche Records

Following on from his debut 12" release on Fade, Sheriff Herb Berkley is back in town with another release, the first of many Magic Shoe releases which sees Smight and his deputy, Eric Reeves riding shotgun, protecting the tracks 'Aglets' and 'Brain Walking' from internet superhighwaymen

The smoky intro of 'Aglets' is merely a prelude of what is to come as this space age western soundtrack cum eastern string beauty drifts along with no set course. This ain't the wild wild west, it's just two ambassadors from Texas laying down a house groove with a difference, shaping a track that will confuse your sense as it draws on a wide, well travelled musical background which all falls together into possibly one of the biggest mindf**ks this year. Check out that murky moody break which then descends into chaos at the OK Corral. Yee-haw.

'Brain Walking' on the other hand takes us through a series of tribal drums and etheral chants, quickly moving into a dark rolling bass groove that pulsates like mulitplying cells coming together to form a thought or somewhat unindentified mind process. Things slow down for a moment before the dark grooves fuse into a wall of gorgeous sound which carries things through until the end. No doubt the results of Eric hooking Smight up to an EEG machine when they were putting the track together.

Somewhat quirky, very different and intriguingly fresh stuff from the Magic Shoe project. Hopefully unlike Cinderella this wish will last well past midnight and into the coming years.

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