Artist: Sleepfreaks
Title: Chemical Shift (Remixes)
Label: Sumsonic Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 9 January 2002
  • A: 2 Sinners Mix
  • B: Substructure Mix

Sleepfreaks "Chemical Shift (Remixes)"

Out Now on Sumsonic Recordings

Paul Rogers and Mark O Brien, perhaps better known as the Sleepfreaks are one of the top artists on the Sumsonic label, and are quickly forging a reputation for themselves in the progressive music scene as well, with many top notch remixes to their credit.

Chemical Shift was the 10th release for Sumsonic and of course Sleepfreaks were given the honour of this prestigious landmark. However, its the remixes that we have here, so without further intro, lets see what they do.

First up, top nu skool breaksters 2 Sinners deliver a minimalstic progressive breaks rework that gives the track a very rough and chunky feel whilst sprinkling in all the ingredients to make this into a mix that can be dropped in many diverse sets.

Backing this up, Paul Rogers teams up with another Sumsonic name, Chris Gainer to deliver an explosive concoction of a mix under the guise of Substructure. Placing major emphasis on the bassline and a breakdown from hell added into the driving beats and this will have the floor trembling.

With new solo material from Paul Rogers to start off 2002, it looks like Sumsonic have a promising time ahead of them. Heres to the next 10 releases.

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