Artist: Skinny Monkey
Title: Heavy Vinyl
Label: Fluid Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 22 October 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Kasey Taylor And Luke Chable Remix

Skinny Monkey "Heavy Vinyl"

Out Now on Fluid Recordings

Fluid's 40th release seems Evolution team up with Kasey Taylor under the guise of Skinny Monkey for the aptly named 'Heavy Vinyl'. With both parties coming from much vaunted proudction histories and backgrounds, the results of this collective studio session should no doubt be an essential masterpiece. Is this the case? Read on and find out...

The 'Original Mix' builds its legacy around a pounding drum groove and a tight percussion line. Heavy indeed. As the track moves forward, twisted strings latch onto the groove being built, dropping the pace slightly as a warm sub bass pads increase the rhythm before unleashing the powerful bass again, like an engine changing gear into ovedrive. As we hit the redline point, string arrangements intertwinw with the pulsating bassline growling and growing in a trippy hypnotic fashion that will reel you in , hook, (bass) line, and strings. Without sounding cliched, this puts the monster back into peak time.

We head down under for the remix as 'Kasey Taylor' enlists the help of the excellent 'Luke Chable for their own reinterpretation of the track, but surprisingly strays away from the dark influences you would expect from Chable, instead the pulsating bassline being used as a means of retaining energy which is then unleashed amidst layer upon layer of tough melodic drum loops and string arrangements, before reversing on it's axis and the rhythm pounds you as we fade to grey.. awesome stuff.

Fluid seem to have an ability to find the right talent at the right time to drag into the Parachute Studios for a meeting of minds, and that can be contributed to why they remain so successful to this day.

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