Artist: Second Hand Satellites
Title: Multiple Mirrors EP (Remixes)
Label: Shaboom Records
By: Simon Jones | 6 December 2002
  • A1: Orbit 1.5
  • A2: Blakbeatz
  • B1: Phil Charles Retrofonix Labs Inc Remix
  • B2: Blakhook Remix

Second Hand Satellites "Multiple Mirrors EP (Remixes)"

Out Now on Shaboom Records

The somewhat varied careers of DJ Three and Sean Cusick is what perhaps gives their Second Hand Satellites project an edge. By combining their musical influences and backgrounds, the duo have created some special music indeed. Music that goes above and beyond the expected. Music that defies laws, boundaries and even genres. This is made evident when DJs as diverse as John Digweed, Mr C, Laurient Garnier and Rolando all end up playing the same record. That record was the 'Multiple Mirrors EP'. A record that became an 'anthem' like no other on the dancefloors of Fabric and The End upon it's release on the respected Hallucination imprint. Now almost a year later it returns, updated and remixed to cause a fluster with DJs and dancefloor darlings alike, as Blackpool UK's long standing Shaboom Records brings to us the 'Multiple Mirrors Remixes EP'.

Starting where the original EP left off comes 'Orbit 1.5'. Recorded in the same sessions as the other orbits this beauty kicks into action like a machine being fired up after many dormant months, and sums up what you can expect from this EP, as the warm percussion trickles along, some deep snares snarling away as the bass rotates, and it's when the main synth line kicks in that we are reminded how good this track really is, and '1.5' adds some funk and depth to put a nice exclamation point on the sessions.

However the story doesn't end that quickly. First up is a quirky little DJ tool in the form of 'Blakbeatz', which is quite literally a spacial 21st century reprise of Orbit, warm chords expanding and stretching over a soft percussive groove, subtle melodies emitting from within amidst a cornucopia of sounds, but still there is scope for more, and that's what we get.

Phillip Charles draws on his years of experience and his work with the excellent Philly outfit Tigerhook for the 'Retrofonix Labs Inc Mix', a soft edged bassline providing foundation for some nice analogue pad action, the vocals just drifting into the deep house groove, synth percussion and some intricate melodies climaxing in a spacial mini break before the analogue pads are left to shine on the outro. Another stellar outing from this highly underrated producer.

Closing duties on the package are left to Mark Bell and Randall Jones who turn in a mix under the 'Blakhook' guise. Building on the original Orbit session, the duo strip it down and build it back up with some rolling percussion and a house goove, the vocal riding atop the deep bass as the synths and effects pan over the top, and the results will ensure this innovatively crafted house mix adds yet another dimension to what was already a very strong package.

Shaboom have managed to secure a possible barnstormer with this release, and these new mixes are going to go down a storm with new kids on the scene and tech house purists alike.

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