Artist: Sean Cusick
Title: CB Radio / Consider The Ravens
Label: Viscous Disc
By: Chloe Harris  | 27 May 2002
  • A1: CB Radio (Original Mix)
  • B1: Consider The Ravens (Original Mix)
  • B2: CB Radio (Ambient Mix)

Sean Cusick "CB Radio / Consider The Ravens"

Out Now on Viscous Disc

Sean Cusick creates another interesting gem for us. The sounds on this record are different from other records out there, and he's really challenging himself, it seems, as a producer. He has an infectious deep element that soothes the mind, while also taking you to strange places. With tight production, smooth synths, and intricate design he gives us some really distinct songs.

CB Radio starts out with little soft snaps underneath a layer of silence. The filtered claps come in, working in with a nice punchy kick. There's a thick 808 kick drum that fills up the bottom end. Quirky sounds fill the song, with bubbly clicks and pops. A beautiful guitar sounding synth washes over you for an instant. The deep groove starts in as everything moves together in a very mellow way. As the song drops, the sad melody looms in, and disappears only to leave the bottom end. The breakdown is something like a trippy Pink Floyd tune. It's sounds twinkle and tease each other, and the washes make you want to melt into a cozy couch. It's a really amazing place to go. The drums come back in, and the tune picks up where it started, just with a bit more pull. There's also an ambient mix of this song, which is soothing, and pushes it to a downtempo funk treat.

Consider the Ravens is a darker tune, that sort of plods along. We start out with a straight up kick, as techno highhats come in, and pull the song to some rumbling bass. Delayed and filtered drum fills come in and out, keeping it very minimal. Over the top of the song, an intense metallic sound fills the air, as it takes a quick break. The low end, and muffled sounds pull, until the song slows into a synth that moves in and out of the speakers, with something that could be a guitar. The kick comes back in after a short break, and the song lingers for a while.

Sean Cusick continues to pull out some amazing sounds, as well as songs. The music he creates is full of twisted textures, and sad melodies over dark funk.

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