Artist: Satoshi Tomiie
Title: Global Underground: Nu Breed 6
Label: Global Underground
By: Simon Jones | 9 August 2002
  1. Stephane K - Numb (Original Eclipse Mix)
  2. DJ Nukem - Music Play
  3. Little Green Men - These Are The Beats (Original Mix)
  4. Bernard Leon Howard III Feat 80 - Marscarter (Debo & Porter Deported Vocal Mix)
  5. Samsara - Afterthought
  6. Lexicon Avenue - From Dusk Till Dawn (Sander Kleinenberg Audio Paranoid Mix)
  7. Moogroove - Deuce (Mara Chooicide Mix)
  8. Remark - So Pure (Finger Fest Inc Mix)
  9. Kosheen - Hungry (Satoshi Tomiie Mix)
  10. Tijuana - Groove Is In The Air (Simon's Future Dreams Mix & DJ Tools)
  11. JF Sebastian Feat Kaz - Burden (Lemon8 Inner Sanctuary Mix)
  12. North Atlantic - Mind Filter (Trendroid Croc Hunter Mix)
  13. Kings Of Tomorrow - I Want You (For Myself) (Luke Fair Mix)

Satoshi Tomiie "Global Underground: Nu Breed 6"Satoshi Tomiie "Global Underground: Nu Breed 6"

Out Now on Global Underground

Satoshi Tomiie. I'm sure many people would cry, he's hardly nu breed. But let's not shed no 'Tears' just yet. The NYC based DJ/producer has shaped his career over the past 13 years, releasing his debut album 'Full Lick' in 2000, and unleashing the label SAW Recordings on the world in 2001. In between he has been involved in shaping and reworking some of the finest acts and artsits in the world such as Michael Jackon, Ultra Nate and David Morales to name but a few, injecting his own unique grooves into the house music scene. In the past 2 years however, he has developed his sound further, and his label showcases not only the groovy music, but the tougher edge of the house scene to. Satoshi is a man who does not stay within boundaries. He challenges them, and as such, he's put together this double cd for Global Underground's Nu Breed series.

CD1 kicks off with the deep brooding beats of Stephane K's Numb, a subtly crafted track that proves to be a nice opener that edges us slowly into the next 70 minutes or so, powerful rolling beats pushing forward, but just as you think the pace is going to build, Satoshi lowers it with the groovy percussion of DJ Nukem's Music Play, before rolling beats and basslines return once more on the excellent These Are The Beats by Little Green Men. It becomes apparent that this mix is going to contain a lot more surprises as it develops onwards.

The hotly anticipated John Debo and Steve Porter mix of BLHIII's Marscarter introduces some uplifting sounds over a groove fuelled bassline, slickly held together by 80's evocative soulful vocal which lays the foundation for Samsara to carry us through to Sander Kleinenberg's massive rework of Lexicon Avenue's From Dusk Till Dawn, which takes the disc in a harder direction, drug fuelld grooves, dark sounds and dominating beats taking control with precision before Mara incorporate some of their trademark dark beats onto Moogrove's Deuce thus enabling Satoshi to continue to dominate with dark beats that take over your mind, as Remark's So Pure slips in some sinister sounds and troubled vocals as the mix builds upwards and onwards, setting the stage for Satoshi's huge remix of Kosheen's Hungry which he layers over the top of Tijuana's Groove Is In The Air. One of those little Satoshi surprises that he likes to deliver on occasion. Remixes from Lemon8 (JF Sebastian's Burden) and Trendroid (North Atlantic's Mind Filter) build the mood further before the end of disc 1 is upon us, and Luke Fair's rework of the classic Kings Of Tomorrow track I Want You (For Myself) ends the disc on a high.

CD2 begins with some deep electro bass and some twisted grooves and vocals in the form of Graffik's A Lesser Man, Satoshi's superb collaboration with Tarrentella and Redanka. Echomen then start the descent into murkier waters, lowering the pace with the track Substance, a vibe that is continued with darker moodier moments that really show through on the likes of Graffiti by Sean Cusick and Medway. Layer upon Layer of tribal elements are slowly edged and teased into the mix thanks to Kats and Styles and the massive Low End Specialists remix of the classic You Gotta Believe by Fierce Ruling Diva, which is one of the standout tracks on this disc. Luke Fair's Let U Know twists the mix further before Satoshi surprises us with a subtle breakbeat groove, which rolls and rolls then erupts into a break that sounds like an entity from another dimension coming to join the party. Whatever Hybrid seen when composing these beats is definately heard, if not seen. The subtle melodies and vocal of Greed's Strange World bring us back to Earth, slowly guiding us onward once more through the warped percussion loops of Jerry Bonham's Seventh Sea and the eerie sounds and synth stabs of Shmuel Flash's Chilling Moments where Luke Fair is waiting at the end of the tunnel with his evocative remix of Max Graham's Tell You, breathy vocal samples bringing the tempo down nice and slowly as we take in every last beat and Satoshi keeps us waiting more right till the end.

From start to finish this mix has surprised me, constantly delivering surprises, whilst retaining a lot of the classic Satoshi magic that he has worked to obtain over the years. Proof that Satoshi is constantly evolving and developing himself to keep on top of our ever changing world of dance music.

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