Artist: Sasha Carassi
Title: Sexy Nightlife EP
Label: Fire Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 9 September 2002
  • A1: Tek Guys
  • A2: Sexy Nightlife
  • B1: Echorus
  • B2: Can You Feel It?

Sasha Carassi "Sexy Nightlife EP"

Out Now on Fire Recordings

Sasha Carassi's Sexy Nightlife EP initially started out it's life on the Italian house label Hole Subaltern, gaining support from DJs such as the up and coming Vinny Troia and Australian DJ Ben Korbel. Cass, being the surrogate son of Australia like he is soon got wind of this EP, whether it via Ben or by his own discovery is not known. However, during his Spundae residency, him and Lee Burridge proceeded to play all four cuts off this EP back to back, so it's little surprised that they've picked it up for a more widespread release on Fire Recordings, so all you lovely people can find it with ease.

Tek Guys starts off the package, tight percussion loops melting into a hypnotic house groove, with a tantalising vocal sample being sprinkled in for extra effect. The icing on the cake so to speak. Not much more needs to be said about this track other than it does the business, and if you mix it in with any of the other cuts on this EP then you will have something special on your hands. Sexy Nightlife follows on from this, a faster paced groove and rolling percussion with added drum effects. Whilst nicely produced, it doesn't quite meet the standard set by Tek Guys.

Switch to the flip for Echorus, giving more of an electro house flavour to this EP, almost akin to Daft Punk in style, rising electro grooves washing over a deep sub-bassline, precision stabs and loops taking the track off in a direction into the break and then carrying straight on with its infectious groove. Can You Feel It takes us into techier territory with its use of drum percussion and warm house pads to bring the EP to a close.

Whilst not necessarily my personal cup of tea, there should be something in here to keep most house heads happy, and with four very different tracks to choose from, it's definately value for money, guaranteed.

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