Artist: Rui Da Silva
Title: Stoned / Matrix
Label: Kismet Records
By: Ariel Benarrivo | 21 January 2002
  • A: Stoned
  • B: Matrix

Rui Da Silva "Stoned / Matrix"

Out Now on Kismet Records

Rui Da Silva has to be Portugal's finest export to date. He began his career in 1992, and the success he had with the label he formed, 'Kaos', ensured global exposure and provided him with the confidence to develop the ‘Underground Sound of Lisbon’ with close friend, DJ Vibe. Rui left Portugal in 1999 for London’s booming music industry.

Shortly after his departure to London, Rui quickly established a considerable following and a high level of exposure, which enabled him to set up a new label, ‘Kismet Records’. The underground nature of Kismet set a firm grounding for their first release, ‘The Lights’ (USL), as well as Rui’s collaborative releases with long time friend, Chris Coco, as CocoDaSilva. Kismet’s success was further fuelled with their fourth release, ‘Touch Me’, shooting up the UK charts to number one.

Rui's first offering for 2002 comes to us in the shape of 'Stoned', and as the title would suggest, Rui must have been stoned when he made it. In my opinion Rui is a twisted genious. 'Stoned' is all about a tottaly warped and tripped out vocal that demands attention. Taken straight out of a jungle with its deep groovey chords, tribal percussion elements and wild samples, 'Stoned' will take you on a tribal journey you'll never forget.

On the flip side you can find 'Matrix', a nice cheeky tribilish choon filled with Rui's typical groove, which complements this stunning package from 'KISMET'.

You can expect great things from Rui in the future as he will continue to challenge himself with his follow up to Four Elements, ‘Fire’, due for release early next year. In the meanwhile make sure you check CocodaSilva's new cut, ‘@ Night’, available on 'Kismet Records' now.

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