Artist: Roland K & Q Lock
Title: Goliath
Label: Deep Records
By: Simon Jones | 9 April 2002
  • A: Lemon 8 Mix
  • B: Original Mix

Roland K & Q Lock "Goliath"

Out Now on Deep Records

Roland K and DJ Q Lock have been making records for several years, Q Lock being the older, more hardened techo influenced soul whilst Roland has been more influenced by rhythm in his young life. Both have worked with such well known producers as Andy Jarrod and DJ San of Solid Sessions fame and now deliver a release for Holland's Deep Records imprint entitled Goliath.

On the A side, the ever consistent Harry Lemon 8 delivers a tough progressive workout that utilises a hard pulsating groove and panning synth arrays, combined with hypnotic vocal that makes itself know on occasion to deliver a groove that just builds and builds, not once taking its finger off off the energy button, subsiding only to a machine gun-esque snare roll into an eerie break where the vocal really comes into its own momentarily before picking up right where it left off. Chalk up another superb remix on the list of production credits of this talented producer.

Over on the B, we have a much deeper original from the Roland K and Q Lock themselves, a deep brooding beat and tough extended synths forming the basis of this deep early morning monster, that will rip up the floors, especially as the vocal kicks. There is truely nowhere to hide once this track unleashes its full potential.

Peter Van Hal's Deep Records is still very much in its infancy, but with support from such producers as Harry Lemon, you can bet you will be seeing the record his label puts out in a lot more record boxes of the jocks who matter in the next few months.

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