Artist: Rock
Title: Resistance
Label: Inversus Records
By: Chloe Harris | 30 October 2002
  • A: Tonemiester Mix
  • B: Martin Accorsi Mix
  • C: Original Mix
  • D: DRamirez Technofunk dub
  • E: DRamirez Shirts Off Mix

Rock "Resistance"

Out Now on Inversus Records

Rock is a collaboration between Austin Leeds, and Origin (with Dave Wood and Anthony Mein). With their production skills, you can be sure this is going to be great. Taking in their idea, and adding some amazing remixers on duty, this is sure to win many people over, and with the different remixes to choose from, I am sure you will find at least one, that will fill your box.

Technofunk dub

Starts out with nice hard-hitting drums, along with some clanging sounds, and high hats. Claps follow, and as the break comes in, a zap takes you into the funk. Bubbles come up from underneath, along with twisted sounds, and the vocal sample. Loads of hard synths, and arpeggiated tones. Sounds like a space combat with lazers and tazers. At the break, filtered effects on every sound possible. A large alarm sound comes from the sky, and we go back into the beats. A very high-energy mix.

Shirts off mix

Filtered drums lay down a solid structure, as a dark bass comes underneath. A mean gritty sound comes in, similar to that sound drum n bass producers use. It's sinister funk, with a lovely deep break that is evil, scary, and a bit tortured. Acid starts making it's way in the break, as the alarm goes off again, along with snare hits. This version is a laidback version of the technofunk dub. Nice.

Martin Accorsi remix

We start out with the vocal sample, and omniscient drums that are delayed. This is a much deeper version, than the others. Simplified drums, and deeper tones work in this mix. The synths lay and wash over the mix. The first break is light, and soothing, while sounds swirl around you. A high tone is above you, as the drums, and low bass follow underneath. A very trippy, and light tribal remix.

Tonemiester remix

Breakbeats start us off, a bit filtered and funky. Delayed sounds from some of the original synths, and cool twisted sounds come in. The bass is very funky, and happy. Lots of samples, and sounds of scratching, along with a twisted snyth come in. The vocal is cut short, and comes in fully at the break. It's gated, and there's all sorts of random weird sounds. Which then takes us again into a break. This mix is an electro funk soundscape with a lot of intensity.

A quality package of tunes for Inversus as well as great production from Austin, and Origin. Quality producers, along with some great remixing creates a solid package of tunes.

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