Artist: RJ Project
Title: What Color Is Love
Label: Hooj Choons
By: Simon Jones | 30 October 2002
  • A: Red Jerry Original Mix
  • B: Red Jerry Monkeyhouse Remix

RJ Project "What Color Is Love"

Out Now on Hooj Choons

RJ Project is the latest brainchild of Hooj supremo, dj and producer Red Jerry. After jaunts in the past few years with such versatile monickers as Redsun and Katcha, the Hooj don's style has changed somewhat, as anyone who has witnessed him dropping all manner of musical wonders at the Elements and Airtight Sessions events would hold testament to. It's partly in thanks to the latter than this track came about, a cover of the 70's soul classic by Terry Callier, entitled 'What Color Is Love', and what a delightfunk track it is.

The 'Original Mix' you will have heard all summer long at the Airtight Sessions parties, a gorgeous house affair that drifts along subtly, atmospheric emotive chrods slowly trickling into a delightful house groove and mesmerizing melodic bassline that just oozes warmth. As the first vocal hook courtesy of Randall Matthews slides in, you are well and truely caught up in the moment. A stunning tribute to this classic now almost 30 years old.

'Red Jerry's Monkeyhouse remix' takes us on a rougher round the edges journey into house, the emotive bassline being replaced with a funky rolling groove that keeps the pace constant, sliced and diced vocal samples being sprinkled amongst the bass groove with some bleepy fx thrown in for the icing on cake, dropping into a powerful chorus halfway through before tripping things out a bit.. slowly does it..

Red Jerry shows he can cut it in the production field as well as being a superb dj, and this track is futher evidence of why Hooj continues to push forward after over 10 years in the business.

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