Artist: Reza
Title: Unspoken Words
Label: Looq Records
By: Chad Harnish | 8 November 2002
  • A: Original
  • B: Momu Remix

Reza "Unspoken Words"Reza "Unspoken Words"

Out Now on Looq Records

Reza is back with another release on the San Francisco based Looq Records with a stunning follow up to ‘Solitude’, namely ‘Unspoken Words’ which is set for release on December 10th.

The intro on the original mix with its solo bass drum and flangey samples is deep and brooding. It plays like a soundtrack to a somber movie. A sparkle of melody soon finds the ear while snares snap into action delivering a break-trance effect. Additional percussion and melodic sounds find their way into the mix with a result that is breathtaking. The melody dances with an electric infused bass line and together they work in tandem to create a bright blinding surge of energy. Finishing off the nine minute track, Reza delivers a subtle vocal that pushes the boundaries of blissful energetic happiness. This track will most likely be played all over Ibiza next summer and is quite possibly the Janiero of 2003. You heard it here first.

But don’t stop there. The Momu remix on the flipside is a fresh breaks take with bass and breakbeats that are bright and original. Momu consists of Jondi, of Jondi & Spesh, and Mark Musselman. Together they have been gaining a lot of attention with their remix of Cass’ ‘Mind Rewind’. This remix of Reza’s beauty is sure to turn a lot of heads as well when it’s sick bass line drops on the floor. It is truly devastating. This remix has been hammered by our own Chloé’s on her weekly show on Groovetech and was featured on the very first Sound Bytes.

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