Artist: Red Moon
Title: Lucky
Label: Surround Sounds
By: Simon Jones | 8 May 2002
  1. Rising
  2. Lesson One
  3. Esther The Whore
  4. Beautiful
  5. Love You Long Time
  6. Lucky
  7. Make A Move
  8. La Corrella
  9. Basis (Bass Oddity Mix)
  10. Gliding
  11. Ultimata

Red Moon "Lucky"

Out Now on Surround Sounds

Red Moon may be a name that has only recently appeared on the production circuit, but the two guys behind the outfit are no strangers to music. Roger Watson already has many productions under his belt, under the name of DJ Hal, who's track Flaming Tiger was released recently on Niche as well as dj commitments at clubs like the The Bomb, in Nottingham UK.

His partner Tony Thomas, has had a huge career to date, with releases under names such as DJ Toxic, Nebula 2, Arcana, Force Of Nature and Kodiak, on labels such as Eukatech, Red Frame, Kinetic, and with another producer named Alan Barratt he also forms the outfit The Producers on the label Creative. Most recently he did a massive remix for Hooj of 16B's outstanding single, The Game.

Following on from the singles Esther The Whore and the double AA Lucky / Make A Move, the duo now unleash their debut long player upon us, starting off with the laid back breaks of Rising, which melts into Lesson One with ease. The direction of the mix (the album is sequenced) goes off on a more trippy tangent as Esther The Whore enters the fray, as the groovy funk fuelled excellence of Love You Long Time carrying us forward with relative ease.

Lucky makes an appearance as the soundscape becomes deeper, twisted and hypnotic, as the dancefloor orientated beats and bassline of Make A Move lifts the pace slightly, only to drop suddenly into some mysterious sounds courtesy of La Corrella. From here the sound develops a warmer feel, as the lush techhouse grooves of Basis blends subtly into the trippy Gliding, bringing us down slowly, as the laid back groove returns once more, courtesy of outro track Ultimata.

With such a well developed production history behind these two guys, this album couldnt have been anything but quality, and for a debut album delivers, but just lacks that something that no doubt will come in future follow ups as this talented duo hone their collective skills to the maximum. We can only wait and anticipate for now.

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