Artist: Red Moon
Title: Love You Long Time
Label: Surround Sounds
By: Simon Jones | 3 July 2002
  • A1: Original Mix
  • A2: Master D Quickie Beats
  • B1: Master D Marathon Man Mix

Red Moon "Love You Long Time"

Out Now on Surround Sounds

Red Moon recently unleashed their debut long player 'Lucky' on the public and now follow it up with the first of two singles to be taken from the album, that being 'Love You Long Time' with remixes coming from New York's Master D, who has had involvement with Low Pressings and NRK in the past.

The Original Mix of Love You Long Time is a laid back affair that rolls along slowly and smoothly, with an almost Latino party vibe to it. Underneath this groove lays some tight percussion that powers the track along, pushing it's leaning towards more of a tribal influence.

Master D on the other hand reworks the track into a more techy style on his Quickie Beats mix, stripping back on all the background elements to give it a more blissed out feel. Sadly, his Marathon Man Mix fails to build on this and instead doesn't really take off in the same way as the Quickie Beats mix which is a real shame.

Master D's let down on the final mix combined with the fact that this doesn't really hold a candle to the classic Esther The Whore means I would recommend this if you were a Red Moon / Tony Thomas / DJ Hal collector, but otherwise, look at the other singles in their extensive catalogue before you venture to this one.

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