Artist: Red Moon
Title: Beautiful
Label: Surround Sounds
By: Simon Jones | 3 July 2002
  • A1: Original Mix
  • A2: DJ Hal House Mix
  • B1: Tony Thomas Tribal Mix

Red Moon "Beautiful"

Out Now on Surround Sounds

Following on from the recently released single 'Love You Long Time', Surround Sounds quickly follow up with another Red Moon release, signalling the 12th release on the Surround Sounds imprint. They give us 'Beautiful', with remixes coming from the guys under their solo guises of DJ Hal and Tony Thomas.

The Original Mix takes influence from lounge sounds, and ragga sounding vocals crafted with the help of The Rebel Crew from Gavin Hardkiss's Sunburn imprint. Subtle rhythms working with intricate basslines and deep vocals make this mix one tight package.

DJ Hal decides to show that he can cut it in a solo capacity next, reworking the track into a deep house cut, a pulsating synthline and 4/4 beat working well in combination with the elements retained from the Original and the man who brought us Flaming Tiger delivers another stunning track

Tony Thomas is a name you associate with quality, and production wise he doesn’t disappoint here, crafting a delicious tribal mix with a bassline that will really do the business on a big sound system, although why he made minimal use of the vocal remains a mystery, but nevertheless, a great remix,

As you have may have guessed, I will totally recommend you check this out before you even look at the recently released 'Love You Long Time' which isn't even in the same league as this track, but Red Moon have more than made up for the shortfallings of that single.

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