Artist: Raoul Russu
Title: Dimension One EP
Label: Orient Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 22 November 2002
  • A: Dimension One
  • B: Hatteria

Raoul Russu "Dimension One EP"

Out Now on Orient Recordings

Orient Recordings is the imprint of Luis Paris (of Innervision, Paris and Healey and Paris and Sharp fame), and after the two releases come from himself, the reigns have been handed over to Raoul Russu, a DJ from Eastern Europe that has gained quite a following with his unique approach to DJing and this release, the 'Dimension EP' seems to emulate that as it's already been supported by Chris Fortier, Hernan Cattaneo, Jerry Bonham and several other DJs.

A soft rolling kick drum leads us into 'Dimension One', but it isn't long before the pace picks up. A deep groove emerges from underneath as the drum arrangements grow in intensity and length, acidic riffs interrupting as the percussion becomes more hypnotic as the upwards direction continues, some panning atmospheric sweeps add some real depth to the track, the spacious grooves taking us to another dimension, be it the first or second, as you find yourself becoming drawn into the groove more and more.within the atmospheric break as the tracks keeps you locked in until the final moments.

'Hatteria' is a more alien sounding track, large pulsating riffs rising from a deep industrial groove over which some lovely acidic snares are placed, a rise in intensity being teased as rapid fire arrangements run over the bassline being crafted.just moving us slowly forward to the spacious break in a dark and eerie manner, almost like a lifeform evolving. Trippy stuff.

Another unique release from Orient as this time the moody eerieness of both tracks make sure that both tracks would be valuable tools for any dj to use during the warmup of his set. Nothing really innovative, but you could do far worse than to make sure this EP finds a place in the front of your box.

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