Artist: Quivver
Title: Twist And Shout (2002 Mixes)
Label: Boz Boz Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 29 November 2002
  • A: 2002 Vox Mix
  • B: Techdub

Quivver "Twist And Shout (2002 Mixes)"

Out Now on Boz Boz Recordings

Quivver has been making dance music for many years now, and one of his early solo outings was the track 'Twist and Shout'. Now many years later he returns to that track and updates it for the 21st century, having worked as part of Tilt in recent years, and more recently his own artist album. Following on from his singles 'Boz Boz' and the Space Manoeuvres track 'Pluto Disko', these new mixes are very welcome indeed.

The '2002 Vox Mix' is the first of the updated mixes, spacey synths piercing a trippy percussion line that soon drops into a deeper, slightly upbeat groove, dark sounds rippling away in the backdrop, with lots of subtle sounds filling out the gaps inbetween. Spacial effects fill the backdrop of the track as John Graham's excellent vocals just ride over the top, bleeps and synths just swirling within the sounds below. an instrumental bridge shifting momentum into a pulsating outro that remains faithful to the original whilst bringing it up to date, improving on the few shortfallings the original had.

Meanwhile the 'Techdub' heads for a slightly darker vibe, twisted synths washing over the brief vocal in the intro, trippy tech synth lines sitting under the percussion line as John's vocals get some twisted distortion placed upon them. Dubbed out echoes drift over the bass after the break raising the atmosphere of the track up slightly as the tightly arranged sounds ooze through.

A brilliant homage to a track that in it's original form was either missed, or for those who heard was track you either liked or disliked. However, these new mixes make sure the track finally gets to sound how John intended it to in his mind all along. Watch out for forthcoming collaborations, including 'Loveless' with Blackwatch and two superb tracks with Steve Porter as well, in addition to a stunning remix of Jamez's 'People Will Believe'.

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