Artist: Quivver
Title: Boz Boz
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 30 July 2002
  • A: Quivver Main Mix
  • B: Transport Dub

Quivver "Boz Boz"

Out Now on Baroque Records

John Graham. Once a member of Tilt, and better known as Quivver. His production credits tell a story of consistency and excellence, but since leaving Tilt many months ago the man has remained somewhat silent, and it's only now that after two years that we finally get to year the first of many new productions he has been working on, the first being 'Boz Boz'

Quivver's Main Mix is introduced by some subtle effects simmering in the background, before the main bassline kicks in, synths weaving their way in and out of the groove, deep snares and drums slotting into gaps in the track, before a vocodered vocal sample brings itself to the foreground and the pace lifts, building and weaving it's way into foward until the vocal takes over for a short time and the peak time desire of this track is fully realised, offloading tight atmospheric effects amidst a deep, driving bassline, but then Quivver is no stranger to pulling out surprises when you least expect them.

The Transport Dub was in its original form first released on Quivver's Transport mix cd, but has now since been reworked for full release, stripping down Quivver's Main Mix, placing more emphasis on the atmospheric effects and giving the main synth line a much deeper sound in the process. Synths echo in the background and the strange circles circle and loop behind the bassline. Darker and dubbed out, this is a nice alternative mix for the deeper moodier sets.

The two year wait has been a long one and Baroque fought off major interest from other labels to sign this track. Hopefully we will see more output from John on Baroque soon. Watch out for more new material from this man, including a new Space Manouevres track, and a collaboration with Blackwatch on the horizon. Welcome back John Graham.

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