Artist: Quiet Killaz
Title: Warning / Critical Level
Label: Distinctive Records
By: Simon Jones | 30 January 2003
  • A: Warning
  • B: Critical Level

Quiet Killaz "Warning / Critical Level"

Out Now on Distinctive Records

Having first cut their teeth in the dnb scene as Pulse and Tango but have quickly made a name for themselves in the breaks scene, thanks in part to their remix of 'Rumbleweed' by Albino Allstars on MOB Records. Now they deliver two original productions for Distinctive's 4000AD project entitled 'Warning' and 'Critical Level'.

Eerie atmospheric sounds that could easily have been taken from any b-movie you care to name lead us into a dark void where the sinister 'Warning' sample only adds to the mood. A rippling b-line that would rock the smoke filled Room 2 at Fabric, adding to the claustraphobic feeling, slowly edges it's way in. Congo percussion fights against the dark beat arrangements, building to another vocal reprise before the track opens up and fires on all cylinders for a bone crunching climax. Scared yet? You should be..

'Critical Level' picks up straight where 'Warning' left off, poundning your mind with full on breakbeat loop that rattles and flips as the fluctuating b-line spins things around on their axis. Things drop into a bouncing groove as tension building chords pepper the soundscape, almost like a scene in a thriller where you wonder what is due to happen next, as synths slide from left to right and suddenly it's back into the twisted beats once more.

This record should come with a health warning, as when put to the right use, has the potential to turn you into a quivvering wreck in the corner of the dancefloor. Watch out for more 4000AD action from Christian J soon.

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