Artist: Quest
Title: Bitter And Twisted
Label: Vapour Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 31 January 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Luke Chable Dirt Funktrain Mix

Quest "Bitter And Twisted"

Out Now on Vapour Recordings

Long time Vapour fans will remember old Traveller and Quest projects such as 'Accelerator' and 'Chaos Engine', from when Ivan Gough and Luke Chable worked together. Since then they they went on to work as Digital Mind Control, but in recent months Luke has been finding his own way into the world of production, and is currently riding high on a wave of impressive tracks and remixes. 'Bitter And Twisted' has been featuring in the sets of many of the usual suspects who all praise his work, so let's find out why.

As you would expect from young Mr Chable, the 'Original Mix' takes no prisoners with the tight techy percussion kicking in from the get go, with sirens blaring over the sounds being laid down. As the sub bass kicks in amidst an array of strange and unusual sounds, large snares pulsate against the groove as a blistering synth line crashes against the beats, building higher and higher into a moody atmospheric break, with a deeper more twisted outro to bring things to a halt. Tight as a nun's.. well you get the picture.

Luke delievers a reinterpretation on the flipside entitled the 'Dirt Funktrain Mix'. Here he slowly builds things up with a kick drum fuelled percussion line as bass heavy grooves growl underneath futuristic synth effects, building in momentum like a 'runaway train' on a course for destruction. An anguished vocal cries out, knowing there's no way back as things slam through the barrier of the break and headlong into the dark unknown. Chable's progression within his tracks always pushes things that step further and this remix is no different. Bitter, Twisted, and downright evil.

With Luke's profile currently skyrocketing, expect to hear more work from this talented youngster very very soon as he comes into his own as 2003 continues.

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