Artist: Procut
Title: Feel So Right
Label: Plastic Fantastic
By: Simon Jones | 15 October 2002
  • A: MAS Collective Remix
  • B: Procut Vocal Mix

Procut "Feel So Right"

Out Now on Plastic Fantastic

Plastic Fantastic travels to the land of good wine and pasta once more in search of more new and exciting talent and they return with some material from Procut (aka producers G. Procaccini and F. Ranieri). Feel So Right is an house cut of the infectious kind, with a vocal that will stick in your mind, but there are also some remixes which add to the package. With that in mind let's continue...

First up on the mix are MAS Collective, who are responsible for such tracks as the excellent 'In My Mind'. Here they deliver a 10 minute epic of pulsating bass, melodic synths and a punchy kick drum fuelled groove building energy into the emotional vocal mesmerizes, before the track departs from it's house groove into a more spacey upliting direction, showcasing just how talented they really are. A dazzling display of studio production from the Collective.

The original Procut Vocal mix is on the flip, a subtle house groove weaving it's way forward with a quirky percussion line fluctuating the bass nicely as the dreamy diva style vocal tops off things nicely with it's lush harmonics.

If you are a fan of such producers as Stefano Greppi, make sure you jump on this as it has a very similar vibe to a lot of his work and hence is utterly essential.

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