Artist: Procut
Title: Feel So Right (Remixes)
Label: Plastic Fantastic
By: Simon Jones | 15 October 2002
  • A: Undisputed Truth Remix
  • B: Procut Dub

Procut "Feel So Right (Remixes)"

Out Now on Plastic Fantastic

With the hot remix from MAS Collective likely to do the business for many house and prog heads alike out there, Plastic Fantastic have taken the time to cook up another package of remixes to give some extra appeal, ensuring some diversity to maximize the potential for the release.

You know it feels so right to do, so let's find out what's on the menu.

Mark Plug of the Plug Brothers dons his Undisputed Truth guise for the first mix of this remix package, deep intricate layers of percussion quickly melting into a series of deep echoing drum loops, the vocal being spoken over the top adding to the atmosphere as techno-esque analogue synths blip away in the background, the groove just really coming into it's own towards the end as the track constantly does what you least expect, but that's something Mr Plug excells at with his innovative approach to 'progressive' music.

As a nice little extra, a Procut dub is presented to us, filthy stabs and synth percussion penetrating a dark and atmospheric house groove to produce something rather dirty indeed. Filthy licks and a sprinkling of piano magic put the final touches to things with outstanding effect.

Yet another strong package of mixes from Plastic who seem to have held back to unleashe all their quality releases on us as the year draws to a close. With further releases to come from Ortus and Future Acoustics to name but a few, be sure to watch out for some fantastic plastic.

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