Artist: Prince Quick Mix Feat Ekaterini
Title: Everyday
Label: Distinctive Records
By: Simon Jones | 12 August 2002
  • A1: PQM's Thumpin NYC Club Mix
  • A2: Acapella
  • B1: Circulation Mix

Prince Quick Mix Feat Ekaterini "Everyday"

Out Now on Distinctive Records

Prince Quick Mix is a name that many will already know, due to the rather strange nature of some of his productions. With the likes of You Are Sleeping featuring a tale of a hooker on smack, and his collaboration with John Creamer, the aptly named Fuck Sonnet sticking in people's mnds, this man sure knows how to gain attention. However, it's not all based on controversy, and he's turned in a great cover of Led Zeppelin's Babe I'm Gonna Leave You previously, in addition to tracks like this one 'Everyday'. Distinctive, noticing the attention this man is getting have dusted off the latter for release, and give it a brand new remix in the process, so let's see what's on offer.

The Original 'Thumpin NYC Club Mix' is dusted off once more. As we've come to expect from PQM, the track oozes moodiness just as much as it did previously, subtle drum arrangements and loops locking into a groove over which Ekaterini's haunting vocal flows subtly. Whilst the title says Club Mix this never really puts it foot down and remains a slow brooding cut that will stand out in your mind thanks to the incredible vocal. Timeless stuff. For those who want to cause some mayhem on the dancefloor and tease the crowd, an acapella is included in the package also.

Circulation provide a new remix over on the flip, taking the main core of the original and constructing around it in their own unique style, adding in lots of deep atmospheric strings to offset the vocal nicely, teasing us right from the start, slipping in the first verse of the vocal hook, and before you know it, the track is simmering along nicely building at a steady pace as Paul and Matt craft it into a peaktime belter. Yet another feather in the cap for this much respected production outfit.

Distinctive continue on the road of diversification, opting to move away from their core artist base and showcase artists from all corners of the world. While many would see this as a bad move, it's releases like this that show sometimes a gamble can pay off.

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