Artist: Pole Folder & CP
Title: Dust
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 8 November 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Flash Brothers Remix

Pole Folder & CP "Dust "

Out Now on Bedrock Records

Producer Benoit Franquet and DJ Cedric Piret, better known as Pole Folder & CP respectively first came to people's attention thanks to John Digweed's third Global Underground opus, Los Angeles, with the opening track 'Apollo Vibes'. Since then Pole Folder & CP have released another single entitled 'Enter The Rhythm', but their most anticipated work came to light on John Digweed's 'MMII', a track that many have touted as the standout track on the album, one of the most beautiful tracks ever crafted and many more accolades. That track ladies and gentlemen, is 'Dust', which Bedrock now proudly present to us.

The 'Original Mix' starts off with tight kick drum arrangement which soon drops into a deep rolling bass groove that oozes warmth and emotion. As the first chords of the vocal filter in, you know immedieatly you are in store for something rather special, as the vocal slowly builds, filling the void created by the deep atmospherics. As the first mini break allows the ambience to just flutter along, a broken beat style percussive groove takes the track forward, the harmonies just intricately melting into the bassline with stunning results. The vocal returns once more for a deeply moving main bridge climaxing in an uplifting break that will send shivvers to every nerve within your body. It's a pretty emotional high for Pole Folder & CP to follow on from, but they drop us straight into the outro as a slight drum and bass style beat arrangement is hinted at before each single sound fades to nothing..

Israel's 'Flash Brothers' provide the accompanying remix here, taking us into the barren terrain of their homeland and adding their own distinct sound to the track. Things start out with a spacey progressive groove building up some energy and tension, as the vocal is allowed to flow amidst layers of eastern tinged strings which really add some depth and atmosphere to the sounds emerging from the speakers. The vocal becomes more captivating as an echoing ambient effect is run across the backdrop complete with occasion drum stabs which set up things nicely for the final section of the track whch drifts along maintaining an energy that would do well to build towards the peak time. Another fine piece of work from this much vaunted trio.

So there you have it. Believe the hype. This track is stupendously good. Emotional, earthshattering and just so good I want to play it on repeat and feel fuzzy all over again and again. As you may have guessed I love this track. It's not often I say that, but this track deserves it. Reviewing this 12" is not what I class a job, more a glorious priviledge, and I encourage each and every one of you to place this 12" or some of the forthcoming remixes courtesy of James Zabiela, Tim Fretwell and indeed Pole Folder & CP themselves into your record box. It's something you won't regret, I promise you that.

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