Artist: Pole Folder & CP
Title: Dust (Ltd Edition Remixes)
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 29 November 2002
  • A: James Zabiela Dakota Bar Slam
  • B: Fretwell Dub

Pole Folder & CP "Dust (Ltd Edition Remixes)"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

With the first two 12" singles of 'Dust' already available and causing a stir amongst djs and music lovers alike, Bedrock have held this third 12" back, but now unleash it for all to own, featuring mixes from James Zabiela and Fretwell on the mix once more with a Dub rework. Let's find out what these additional mixes add to the package.

Probably the hottest up and coming DJs on the planet, 'James Zabiela' shows that he is also equally as comfortable in the studio, as he delivers his 'Dakota Bar Slam' mix. Borrowing the name and vibe of the upstairs room at Heaven where Bedrock is hosted every month, James makes the track his own, opting to totally move away from the template of the other mixes and into a beat driven funk house hybrid. As the drums drop over the bass, low sub bass effects pulsate in the background, long drawn out loops and some innovative scratch action building and building until the vocal is teased briefly, but this is only short lived as Zabiela slowly strips things back as the chunky bass drops us out at the end. Like his dj sets, innovative, fresh and indication that when he finally puts his hand to some original material we should expect something special indeed.

'Tim Fretwell' returns once again on the flip, this time delivering the 'Fretwell Dub'. Sticking much to the template of his main mix, this time things are built at slow, simmering pace, the synths from the original being worked in to a deep echoing bassline as the track slowly moulds itself into an atmospheric groove that just grandually changes form as it progresses. The only difference is the notable absence of the vocal, but the melody which is left to shine means it's not particularly missed either. However, overall Fretwell's main mix on the first remix 12" pips this.

The final exclamation mark to the package comes from two of the hottest rising starts of today, soon to become the superstars of tomororw. However be careful, because as i've said, this second remix 12" is strictly limited edition, so if you intend to buy a copy run down to your local record emporium right now.

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