Artist: Pole Folder & CP
Title: Dust (Remixes)
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 29 November 2002
  • A: Club Mix
  • B: Fretwell Remix

Pole Folder & CP "Dust (Remixes)"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

'Dust' is without a doubt the finest release to date for Pole Folder & CP. Having been featured on MMII and played by many of the top djs it has been praised by people across the world and given such accolades as 'one of the year's most beautiful tracks' as well as one of the 'tracks of 2002'. Bold claims, but I for one would agree with both, and Bedrock have ensured this superb track reaches as many people as possible by comissioning two sets of remixes, the first disc of which is reviewed here. Read on...

'Pole Folder and CP' rework the original into a more club inspired direction on the 'Club Mix', with more emphasis on a tough tribal drum arrangement in the intro, the vocal being worked gradually over the evolving beats. A rattling percussion line slips in through the centre of the groove and the momentum of the track starts to move forward, rolling beats channelling energy into the dark and moody vocal break which sends more than a shiver down the spine. Suddenly rattling synths and dubby drums emerge and guide us into a twisted house groove for the grand finale. Mind alteringly good.

Bright new emerging producer 'Tim Fretwell' brings us the mix on the b-side, stripping the production right back, retaining the main hook of the original, working in some hypnotic drum percussion as techy stabs compliment the deep emotive synths with astounding results, emitting a sense of warmth as the minimal breakbeat bassline carries things along for the next few minutes until the vocal finally emerges to put the final touch to the mix. Excellently crafted and further proof of why this young man is held in such high regard by John Digweed.

As disc 2 of a 3 disc set, this offers the more club orientated remixes which will no doubt find their way into house, progressive and breaks djs alike, and build on the foundations laid by the superb original with precision execution. Make sure you pick up these mixes as well as the first 12".

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