Artist: Planet Heaven
Title: Where Are We Going
Label: 3Beat Music Ltd
By: Simon Jones | 6 December 2002
  • A: High Road Mix
  • B: Low Road Dub

Planet Heaven "Where Are We Going"

Out Now on 3Beat Music Ltd

Planet Heaven have made Liverpool their own over the years, creating tracks that found airtime in the fabled courtyard at Cream as well as getting attention of djs right across the board. Having signed to 3Beat their last few singles have done well enough for them to continue to be able to put out new material, and the latest offering is 'Where Are We Going?'

An industrial sounding intro of the 'High Road Mix' evolves into a trippy percussion line that just flickers away amidst arrays of stabbing analogue effects that tease the emergence of the main riff which pulsates away like a lifeform evolving from within, overthrowing the restrains as we drop into the break and getting tougher, more twisted and darker as the eerie vocal rides over a glorious melodic synth driven beat. Watch yourself, this track will unleash a monster onto the dancefloor.

The 'Low Road Dub' approaches things with a little more caution, a minimal beat and soft percussion line being all that holds the mix together as effects shake over the top and control the flow and danger levels, not letting them slip into the red and letting ambience reigh supreme. A more warm up orientated mix for the early moments of the set.

What started with the classic 'Nautical Bodies' has progressed to 'Where Are We Going' and the evolution is quite pleasant to see indeed.

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