Artist: Petter
Title: These Days / Twist Moét
Label: Deep Records
By: Simon Jones | 26 January 2003
  • A: These Days
  • B: Twist Moét

Petter "These Days / Twist Moét"

Out Now on Deep Records

Petter Nordkvist is another new name to the music scene. Hailing from Sweden, this young producer has been producing for the last three years, drawning on his own influenes and different styles to create material that is hard to pidgeonhole as any one sound. Already his work has been supported by James Holden, whom has promoted Petter long before anyone else became aware of him. More recently John Digweed discovered his work, and has praising these two tracks, 'These Days' and 'Twist Moet', and having listended to them several times myself woul be inclined to agree with the praise they have received. Here's why..

Moody ambience introduces us to 'These Days', the beat percussion slowly working it's way from the background to the foreground, quickly switching to harder kick drum style arrangement which sets the pace for the rest of the track. When the first note of the melody rises from within the beats with almost cinematic presence, things suddenly grind to a halt and one of the most beautifully emotional riffs you will have heard in recent times takes prominence atop the tough breakbeat percussion. As things continue, momentary respite comes via some downtempo elements being introduce before the melody changes key once more, and things slowly fall back into a soft, melody driven outro that leaves you feeling all fuzzy inside. To call this track 'aural sex' would be an understatement, but i'll leave it upto you to decide what you call it. Just make sure you go out of your way to listen to this at least once.

'Twist Moet' opts for a different kind of style, with a harder, more sinister direction evident from the onset, as rough snares and a dnb style bassline come together amidst an array of futuristic effects and distorted filtered vox. A pulsating groove vibrates during the centre of the track as the vocals glide over the soundscape in disjointed fashion, trying to keep up with the rapidly evolving bassline which builds and builds to an evil peak before the underlying melody fades out in glorious reprise fashion at the end. The title is most certainly apt as this trac most certainly does 'twist'.

Deep Records seem to be making a habit of pushing undiscovered talents and good music, regardless of genre. With forthcoming material once more from Matthew Dekay this looks set to continue. In the meantime, stay alert for more material from Petter, which promises to be as equally good as the tracks featured here.

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