Artist: Perc
Title: Morning Evening And Afternoon / Closer
Label: Premier Sounds
By: Chloe Harris | 12 January 2003
  • A: Morning, Evening And Afternoon
  • B: Closer

Perc "Morning Evening And Afternoon / Closer"

Out Now on Premier Sounds

Ali Wells is back with another amazing Perc tune for us all. Following productions and on Choo Choo as Spartak, and Votion on Silver Planet, as well as remixes for Midset and Source Of Gravity, here he belts out his follow up to his debut Perc singke 'I Make Nuclear'. Update claims its “one hell of a nasty tune – a tuff driving monster.”, hitting the nail right on the head.

'Morning, Evening, & Afternoon' starts out with a thunderous crash, then begins into a soundscape from the future. A hard kick comes in as filtered tribal drums start to make their way up and into a heavy and dirty guitar sound. We start driving full on, as we head into a slight melodic tone that brings you into a drop. A quick halt, and then continuing the drive, we fall in a vocal snippet, which is very pretty, gated, and lush. Following that, we get all the sounds coming together to make one hell of a banger of a tune. Morning is so solid, in fact, with its ringing tones, a dirty guitar riff, and such beautiful sounds, that giving it the true justice it deserves is an understatement. You need to experience it for yourself, and its probably best to do so on a dance floor!

'Closer' isn’t as driving as 'Morning, Evening & Afternoon'. This track is a bit more bouncy, and has a lighter feel to it. It begins with a low 808 bass kick drum, taking a more electro turn. Ali replaces the entire tribal drum. When it drops off into the break, you hear contorted and strange ringing bells. Strings make their way in, along with a cool arpeggiated voice. The sounds all wash together, as we roll out to the end of the tune.

Be on the lookout for this tune. Both sides are massive, and between the bubbly bass of Closer, to the stomping of Morning, Evening & Afternoon, you will succumb to Ali’s sounds.

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