Artist: Perc
Title: I Make Nuclear
Label: Easy Access
By: Simon Jones | 13 March 2002
  • A: I Make Nuclear
  • B: Trailer Perc Trash

Perc "I Make Nuclear"

Out Now on Easy Access

Alistair Wells has impacted the Silver Planet / Easyaccess stable in a big way with his remixes for Ben Pound's Turned and Rhythm Unlimited's Feel This, and now he delivers his own AA side as Perc, the tough intelligent techno influenced I Make Nuclear and the slightly deeper, techier sound of Trailer Perc Trash.

I Make Nuclear starts with a low rolling bassline that soon falls into deeper brooding synth workout, effects rippling back and forth and the bassline intensifies and the snare rolls grow louder and louder, dropping only slightly before the full extent of the carnage is dropped right onto your skull like a schoolyard bully kicking the crap out of you for your lunch money. Large nasty techno mother that rips up dancefloors for breakfast.

Trailer Perc Trash starts with a spooky sample and deep atmospheric grooves pulsate in the background, as the track kicks straight into the main percussion line, riding along at a steady pace before a deep drop signifies a change of pace as we head into the echoing void that is the break as the beat looks for a way out of this dark place and then carries on its journey. If Alice was to ever drop thru the rabbithole into a techno night, this would be the soundtrack to that evening.

No doubt Mr Wells will be someone we see a lot more of as the year progresses. Watch out for some fresh produce from this man on Midset and Choo Choo in the not to distant future also.

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