Artist: PB & J Feat Hannah Dorsey
Title: The Way
Label: Fire Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 1 February 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Cass Mix

PB & J Feat Hannah Dorsey "The Way"

Out Now on Fire Recordings

PB & J are 3 talented producers from Appleton, Wisconsin, Paul Determan, Ben Gorske and Jason Dunne, who between them have many years experience in the industry, as producers, DJs and musicians.

The Way is their first original production together, and features the vocals of a friend of this collective, Hannah Dorsey, and was used as the closing track on Cass's mix album Prologue, released during 2001.

Now The Way is finally available for us, and even after the wait, its still as fresh as all those months ago I first heard it. The original is a melancholic dream, a soft piano driven number, utilizing lush strings and synths over a 4/4 bassline whilst Hannah's vocals just melt amongst the beats, complimented very nicely by the backing vocals of Jason Dunne himself. One of those rare tracks that will stick in your mind and have you humming a few bars after a few listens, and a track that would not be out of place when played on a summer's day as it projects a feeling of warmth and happiness, a refreshing change from the dark and foreboding progressive sound that seems to be championed these days.

Meanwhile, the remix comes courtesy of Fire's own master of hi-jinks Cass, who was possibly recalling days gone by with the 'Jumpers For Goalposts' mix. Cass reworks the track into a tougher, techy influenced cut that whilst good doesnt manage to better the original, but is a decent mix all the same.

PB & J have finally made the break from sleepy Appleton to the world stage. Let us see if they continue to show us 'The Way' forward..

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