Artist: Pako & Frederik
Title: Western Approaches 2002
Label: Coded
By: Simon Jones | 24 September 2002
  • A: Evolution Mix
  • B: U-135 Depth Charge Edit

Pako & Frederik "Western Approaches 2002"

Out Now on Coded

Pako and Frederik have made a name for themselves with quality production after quality production, be it on labels like Bedrock and Coded or their own imprint Majestic Music. Over the years such tracks as Seaside Atmosphere (with Stef), Beatus Processor and indeed Western Approaches have etched the duo a reputation as a quality production outfit. Now here in 2002, the debut release from Majestic Music has been dusted off, and Western Approaches 2002 is the result.

First up Evolution step up to the plate to bring the track kicking and screaming into the 21st century, gorgeous string melodies and a deep rolling bassline coupled with tight synth arrangements and a huge dose of that trademark Evolution sound turn the track into a devastating remix that quite possibly rivals Evolution's earlier remix of Stef, Pako and Frederik's seminal classic Seaside Atmosphere. This will rip up the dancefloor, no doubt keeping many carpenters busy and happy.

Pako and Frederik revisit the original which was released on their Majestic Music imprint, re-editing it into the U-135 Depth Charge Edit, cinematic strings and atmospheric grooves powered by a funky driving bassline delivers one of the most emotional tracks you will hear this year, climaxing in a superb break which will get you moving your feet

Further remixes will come from Frederik and Pako respectively to round off this package, which marks the 50th joint release of the Quad and Coded imprints. A welcome return to the scene of both labels.

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