Artist: Pako & Frederik
Title: Western Approaches 2002 (Remixes)
Label: Coded
By: Simon Jones | 24 September 2002
  • A: Frederik's Decompression Mix
  • B: Pako's Atlantic Break(er)s Mix

Pako & Frederik "Western Approaches 2002 (Remixes)"

Out Now on Coded

Following on from Evolution's excellent rework and their own collective re-edit of the track, Pako and Frederik return individually to add their own takes on the classic Western Approaches, on this remix disc, completing the package that celebrates Quad and Coded's 50th release.

Frederik showcases his ideas first, reworking things into a more minimalstic style with deep sub bass and filtered snares lending themselves to a more techy style remix known as the Decompression Mix, and with the bubbling groove and subtle build of the track, it lends itself to a more slower warm up or after hours style set. An innovative revisit to the track.

Pako also has his own ideas of how he wanted the track to turn out, and here he delivers the Atlantic Break(ers) Mix, layered atmospherics melting into a trippy breakbeat groove which really places emphasis on the main riff, whilst not pushing things too far. A dreamy futuristic ambient classic.

In addition to the first disc, these mixes make sure there is something to keep everyone happy and are both strong enough to warrant a purchase as a standalone 12" also.

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