Artist: Our House
Title: Twilight / Fire And Ice
Label: Global Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 23 October 2002
  • A: Twilight
  • B: Fire And Ice

Our House "Twilight / Fire And Ice"

Out Now on Global Recordings

Our House is the collective brainchild of Kasey Taylor and Sean Quinn, two djs who have made a name for themselves both at home in Australia and further afield. As producers the duo have been working in a solo capacity in more recent times as Katai and Quench respectively, but their Our House collaborations stem right back to the hey-day of Perfecto Fluoro with the massive 'Floorplay'. Since then tracks such as the much sought after 'Soliton Wave' have kept them in the minds of DJs everywhere, but now they return with their first proper release in quite some time, the AA side 'Twilight' / 'Fire And Ice'.

'Twilight' builds on the ideals laid by the classic 'Floorplay', starting with some nice pads which soon lead into a slightly deep and vibrant bassline that fluctuates away nicely in the background, as layer upon layer of warm chords drizzle down over the sounds emerging from the groove. Spooky glock-esque hooks emerge as we head into the break, some nice chord progression really highlighting the superb layering the guys have placed here, and topping off an hypnotical spacial piece of music that shows the duo have not lost their touch.

'Fire And Ice' is a minimal nu skook breaks affair, tight pad arrangements forging a groove with a flickering sub bass line that adds some punch to the atmospheric melody that simmers within, before descending into a subtle emotive melody towards the end. A nice mood builder in much the same way the classic 'Soliton Wave' was.

A nice offering from Global Recordings, and one can only hope they have more material from Our House for my house soon.

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