Artist: Ortz
Title: We Dont Talk
Label: Additive Records
By: Simon Jones | 26 March 2002
  • A1: Gordon Kaye Fireball Mix
  • B1: Asle Mix
  • B2: Gordon Kaye Fireball Vox
  • C1: Brother Brown Mix
  • D1: Drax & Gooding Mix

Ortz "We Dont Talk"

Out Now on Additive Records

Having already been released over in European, Additive, with a finger firmly on the pulse as normal have licensed this cracking Nordic number for full release in the UK, with a lovingly crafted set of new mixes as is par the norm.

On Disc One we have one half of the excellent Autokat, Gordon Kaye delivering a dark and eerie rework, that just rolls along sublimey and is perfect for those dark early morning moments on the dancefloor. As always an accapella is provided from this master of layers. Asle on the other hand rework the track into something harder and uplifting, an interesting take on the track, via a slightly more progressive tip.

On Disc Two, the Brother Brown mix is brought across to make sure people dont miss out on this superbly crafted cut, a minmal number that showcases Brother Brown's excellent production to the max, whilst turning the track into a remix that will cross boundaries and gain widespread appeal. Rounding off a package is Cafe Mambo DJ Pete Gooding along with his pal Drax, who's interpretation of the track, is a deep tribal influenced effort, that does great business on the dancefloor..

With many of the years releases mapped out, expect lots more from the Additive stable.

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