Artist: Odessi
Title: Beautiful Malika (King Of Spin Remixes)
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 7 October 2002
  • A: King Of Spin Vocal Remix
  • B: King Of Spin Dub

Odessi "Beautiful Malika (King Of Spin Remixes)"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Odessi is the partnership of Parks and Wilson with up and coming producer Leama. Their first collective release, Moments In Space launched the Baroque label and found it's way into the record boxes of many top djs. Since then Parks and Wilson have been concentrating on their own Tilt project and Leama has been working on solo material such as Melodica in addition to remixes for the likes of Salt Tank. However the trio have found time to put together a new track in the form of Beautiful Malika, and whilst they are still working on their own mixes, King Of Spin has taken what thay have done so far and crafted it into his own pieces of music.

The King Of Spin vocal mix is a mesh of rolling percussion, filtered drums and tight synth arrangements all brought together by a punch bassline that moves forward at a constant pace, swirling atmospherics and effects adding to the mood. About halfway through the track descends into a bleepy direction, fading out to a gregorian style chant before the synthline washes back in once more, albeit slightly more tripped out. A mindfuck for progressive minds.

The King Of Spin dub sticks with the formula laid down in the first mix, and builds on the foundations, twisting things a little and taking the soundscape into the darkness of the depths. A more foreboding rework that compliments the vocal mix nicely, but doesnt manage to hold the same effect the vocal mix does, Nevertheless, precisionly crafted.

Odessi already intend to follow up on Beatiful Malika and will be teaming up with Maria Naylor for a forthcoming track very soon. No doubt that will be set to rival Angry Skies and Headstrong as another great credit to their production credentials.

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