Artist: Odessa
Title: Refresh My Memory
Label: Grounded Music
By: Chloe Harris | 22 July 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Tim Skinner Mix

Odessa "Refresh My Memory"

Out Now on Grounded Music

Two boys from Washington D.C. show us what they can do on their first release. Rajeev Kaul and Sandeep Gangar, also knows as Odessa, turn out a tune that can be used as a lovely set opener, or a deeper mood enhancer. This 12" comes fully equipped with a beautiful original and a deep and bassy remix by label head, Tim Skinner.

We start out with the original, hearing a faint synth line that carries and builds us into the song. The melody is large and brilliant, and moves in waves. A nice kick comes in, as other drums follow. Washing and rolling sounds fall and fade over you, and the bass is thick under you. With not too much going on, the absence really is what makes this song so good. This could easily fit into a deep house set if you wanted to, or even a good start to a mix cd.

Tim Skinner lends his magic on the flip, and turns out yet another deep, bubbly and bassy edit. The drums start this side off, and they grow larger adding depth as each comes in. Claps, toms, and a nice hard kick give the song it's drive. The groove comes in, low and chuggy. A big whoomp sound carries you into the break. The same synth from the original is there, but this time much more subdued and quiet. It looms around, and never really shows it's face too much. The song comes to a close with a more driving feeling than at the start, and fades away with clickity clackity high hats. Nice one.

Grounded's fifth release is a quality tune you should seek out. Both mixes are equally as cool, and work well at different moments in a set.

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