Artist: Ocean Wave Vs Progression
Title: Clearwater (Remixes)
Label: Vapour Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 1 May 2002
  • A: Traveller & Quest Mix
  • B: Katai Mix

Ocean Wave Vs Progression "Clearwater (Remixes)"

Out Now on Vapour Recordings

Ocean Wave also known as Kasey Taylor, label genius of Vapour Recordings, gets two new remixes of this tune that first appeared on Rhythm Syndicate. Clearwater is a beautiful layered song, with more bass than I can think of, and having Traveller vs Quest and Katai on remix duties, it's sure to be massive.

The Traveller vs Quest remix has a groovy bassline that maintains its darkness, without ever losing sight of the funk. It rolls underneath you and just makes you want to wiggle. The original hooks are in there, just a bit more cut up, and random. The song never looses momentum, and when the tiny roaming synth appears, you're caught in the airy song. The stabs enter before a washing sound opens and collapses, then you get pulled down. The beat is on it's own, the sound is very sparse, and the claps settle in. The offset of the drums and bassline is awesome. The airy sound comes in again and follows you to the climax. The drums, bass and sounds all start large, then taper off, leaving you waiting for more.

Katai turns up again, with a nice deeper journey. The bass is still the main focus, with only a few sounds from the original mix. Adding depth to the track is a sound that resembles talking, while an airy synth is used to create a center. The chugging beats, and minimal drums really make the groove and when the break happens it's short and to the point, with a lots of layers and delays.

Clearwater has gotten a nice facelift for 2002. The quality of the original is backed by some amazing remixes. These can work effectively in anyone's sets, especially those of us that like big rolling bass, and beautifully minimal soundscapes.

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