Artist: O.C.B.
Title: Synchronicity
Label: Automatic Records
By: Chloe Harris | 6 January 2003
  • A: Spincyle Mix
  • B: Original Mix

O.C.B. "Synchronicity"

Out Now on Automatic Records

O.C.B. come up with a banger of a tune. Made for those full on moments, where you need loads of energy to keep things moving. Andy Chatterley, who also records with Richard Schiessl as YumYum, goes off to produce a solid track by himself. On remix duties we have Spincycle, showcasing their ever so lovely groovy, deep, techy funk that oozes quality, especially on this mix.

'Spincycle' are up on the flip, and they turn out a funked out groove, that moves and jiggles. With loads of drum sounds, added toms, and crashes, even an 80s drum fill, this is a happy remix with a killer bassline. Taking the melody up to a higher tone, and rearranging some parts into a nice breakbeat infused number, we fall into an electro tinged bassline, and a some spaced out synth tones. Into the break, a super low bassline rumbles and enters you into a different feeling, a thicker atmosphere. As the house beats make their way back in, the song pumps up again, and steadily take you out.

The 'Original' starts out with a hard beat and some very electronic drum clangs, as well as an Oliver Lieb starry sample, as the melody drives from behind and comes full force with a voice sound. The melody is a bouncy tone, which grows and changes with movement in the song. The drums are quick changing, and very full on. Claps, high hats, and strange electronic ravey tones come in, as we are taken into a break. The break is short, and to the point, and we’re off again into the melody. This is one driving song that picks up, and takes off from the beginning.

A class remix by Spincycle, and a very uplifting, high energy track from Andy. Check this out, and hear the Spincycle remix on Slam's upcoming Fabric cd.

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