Artist: OBA
Title: Noah's Ark
Label: Black Records
By: Simon Jones | 15 April 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Deep Amok Mix

OBA "Noah's Ark"

Out Now on Black Records

Dedicated to the life of a son, by a man who's service in the US Navy found him stuck in the ocean somewhere in Spain, obviously missing his family and from his love for electronic music decided to produce a track, utilising what little means he could at sea, and it just so happened that one John Digweed liked the track and signed it for release on Black, so here we have OBA's (Oxygen Breathing Apparatus) with Noah's Ark.

A deep analogue bleep bassline that hurries along forms the basis of the original mix, as the synth line is stretched and it pans from one speaker to the other, rattling snares bounce off the back of the bassline, before some furious drum percussion leads into a very sinister laid back groove, as soft alien sounding synths fight for recognition, the volume rising and dropping, adding to the the sinister feel, as the track heads even lower into the depths and drags you along for the ride.

However its over on the flip we are served up a real treat as Israeli producer Shmuel Flash dons his Deep Amok outfit and delivers a superb rework that was featured on Anthony Pappa's Resolution cd. Taking the main elements of the original and giving it a more spacey percussive feel, sprinkling in many of his unique elements to take the track to the next level, improving vastly on the original to deliver an excellent remix that many jocks will be jumping on once they get their hands on this vinyl. Very deep, very spacey, very spooky, very black.

Three releases on, and still very much in its infancy Black delivers yet more dark underground dancefloor monsters that are not for the faint hearted.

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