Artist: Nubreed
Title: Xenomorph / Satellites
Label: MOB Records
By: Chloe Harris | 25 November 2002
  • A: Xenomorph
  • B: Satellites

Nubreed "Xenomorph / Satellites"

Out Now on MOB Records

Nu Breed are back with a deep and chunky tune. One side, 'Xenomorph' is the regular beefed up sounds they create so well, and 'Satellites' is a lighter progressive tinged number that floats through darkness.

'Xenomorph' begins with electro zaps, and some pretty sounds. Breaks come in heavy, along with a smooth tone in the background. The bass grows underneath and pulls you in directions. Melding into the break, a robotic voice steps in, to twist around with crazy computer sounds. A old school synth comes in, and follows us to the end of the tune.

Taking more of a deeper edge, 'Satellites' is pretty, but equally as eerie. We start out with a nice ambient intro, as the bassline creeps in. A light voice floats over you, as the drums start in. The bassline changes up, gets a bit funkier, and brings on a groove. Flirty twinkles hang out with an alarm sound, as a thick tone carries you off.

Wicked tunes if you are into heavy breaks. Each side is different, and can fit with virtually anyone.

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