Artist: Nubreed
Title: Ionosphrere / Beats N Rhymes
Label: MOB Records
By: Chloe Harris | 20 August 2002
  • A: Ionosphere
  • B: Beats N Rhymes

Nubreed "Ionosphrere / Beats N Rhymes"

Out Now on MOB Records

Nu Breed have come a long ways since their first release on Zero Tolerance. Creating sounds like no other, they lay down beautiful spacey synths, with thick beats and intense basslines. This is yet another class 12", and is aimed at both sides of the break beat followers.

Ionosphere is an amazing song. Breathtaking soundscapes, and layers of a womans voice which creates the melody and underlying synth. It's very soothing and pretty, but still a moving number. The breakbeats are infused with some electro zaps, and a rather large bassline, which falls underneath. Little electronic bleeps come in and out of the mix. Building up into the break with different layers of melody off of her voice, we fall into a spacy and low undertone. We start back into the breakbeats, and the bass comes in full force. Taking the song into the end, the nu bass is thick, and moving and ever so changing.

Beats n Rhymes is the other spectrum of Nu Breed. The more upbeat, funky side. We start out with a thick and chunky break beat and a low twisted bass. A few of those electro sounds are hidden in there as well. A man starts to talk over the beats, saying "beats and rhymes" and some other things to open the song up. A quiet tone comes in, as we fall into the break. All the sounds fade away as a sound starts to swell. The bass comes in, and is some of the filthiest bass ever controlling the song. The vocal still comes in and out, and a clicky synth line appears.

Nu Breed are always kicking out some lovely breaks. And this one sure doesn't disappoint. Pure quality breaks. And if you can, catch them live. I've heard it's amazing.

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