Artist: North Atlantic
Title: Mind Filter
Label: EQ Grey
By: Simon Jones | 10 March 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Trendroid Croc Hunter Mix

North Atlantic "Mind Filter"

Out Now on EQ Grey

Chris Fresh, better known as North Atlantic enjoyed massive acclaim right across the board with the debut release on EQ, entitled Lights Out which came with a stunning remix from Lemon8. Now he returns with what is the fourth release on the label, with the follow up, Mind Filter.

The Original Mix is a deep trippy number, a deep groovy percussion line forming the basis of the track, subtly gaining pace as it progresses, dropping to a dark and sinister beat that rumbles through the speakers as an analogue vocal sample pierces the soundscape and the track picks up some pace, continuing to work its way into your mind, becoming more fluctuated and trippy as it continues. Quirky, yet encaptivating.

The remix duties are given to the hot act out of NYC, Trendroid who are on fire at the moment. They take the track apart, retaining the original riff but slide a powerful rolling bassline underneath that really gives the track that extra kick it needed to find itself in the peak time. Dropping tough tech-influenced sounds and tribal beats in amongst the riff and placing major emphasis on the vocal, bringing it right to the foreground, they rework the track into a devastating monster that Satoshi T and Danny Howells have been playing out in recent months.

Four releases on, and it looks as if the quality of this excellent Australian imprint has no signs of stopping.

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