Artist: Noel Sanger
Title: Summerbreeze 2
Label: Nettwerk Productions
By: Chad Harnish | 25 October 2002
  1. GPAL - Ocean of Blue
  2. Noel Sanger - Kali Ma
  3. Lexicon Ave - Why R U Here
  4. Stryke - Perfect Love
  5. Fitalic - No Way Out
  6. Noel Sanger feat. Dauby - My Prayer
  7. Biogenesis - Bodhi's Dream (ACL Remix)
  8. Noel Sanger - Trapped
  9. Oko Tek - White Light
  10. Mike Hiratzka - Homage
  11. Chris Lake - Santiago De Cuba

Noel Sanger "Summerbreeze 2"Noel Sanger "Summerbreeze 2"

Out Now on Nettwerk Productions

DJ Tiësto kicked off the Nettwerk’s Summerbreeze series some time ago pushing tracks such as Delerium’s “Silence” and BT’s “Dreaming”. Electronic sounds have progressed quite a bit since those days and to properly tell today’s story, Nettwerk has chosen Noel Sanger to mix the sequal. His style is one that is breaking out of the monotonous sounds of yesterday and his knack for blending dark hard sounds with beautiful melodies delivers a packag that flows ever so smoothly.

His mix begins with the deep GPal “Ocean of Blue”, which is a great track to lay as the foundation of the set. It is minimal and atmospheric which a great job of setting the mood. It is soon a remarkable moment when Noel’s own “Kali Ma” gets seamed into the mix. You will know it when you hear it. It has a catchy little synth hook and is probably the darkest thing I have heard out of Noel. His set starts to progresses out of the deep dark with Stryke’s soothing, dubby sounds of “Perfect Love” followed by Noel’s “My Prayer” which is beautifully accented by singer Dauby. The mix reaches a critical point here, a fork in the road if you will. Noel could easily steer this mix to a trancy, melodic, hands in the air, anathematic set, but Sanger’s careful restraint drives back to harder tougher sounds with Oko Tek’s “White Light” and Chris Lake’s “Santiago De Cuba” to close the first CD. Splendid.

After listening to the first mix, I wanted more. I needed more. Not because the first disk wasn’t a great set in itself, but BECAUSE it was a great set. Could it get any better? Onward to disk 2.

Noel doesn’t pick up exactly where it left off as if he was anticipating the natural pause between sets. He instead brings us out of the intermission we were in with the smooth breakbeats of Prophecy’s “Daydream”. This set on the second CD is comprised with a number of fresh breaks tracks intertwined with storming 4/4 cuts like Memnon’s “In This Moment” which was pure music to my ears and Ben Camp's stunning "Syndrome". Noel also makes use of some classics of today like Pete Lazonby’s “Wavespeech” and Barraka’s “Song to the Siren” which will give this set its due longetivity. Sanger’s use of Trigger’s “Bring Me Back” (Black Dove Remix) was a prime choice to close the set. It is a very powerful track and has an essence of closure.

With a new, more refined sound behind his productions and this outstanding mix set soon to release on Nettwerk, Noel is breaking into new territories. Watch for future releases on Music Now and his 5am repo mix of Jan Johnston's smash "Flesh" to release soon.

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