Artist: Noel Sanger
Title: Dissident
Label: Music Now Records
By: Chad Harnish | 19 June 2002
  • A: Ritual Object Mix
  • B: Styke's Nonconformist Construction

Noel Sanger "Dissident"

Out Now on Music Now Records

Noel Sanger is back after his last release on Music Now, ‘Breathe’, with a storming return. ‘Dissident’ showcases Noel’s growing production strength and is causing quite a stir among a variety of DJs from Paul Oakenfold to Saeed & Palash.

Striking the first blow with sharp snares, ‘Dissident’ makes it clear to dancefloors who is in charge. Sub level bass kicks soon join the fray as this dark story begins to unfold. Whispery echoes fill the background behind a pounding percussion and chugging bass line. With the addition of a striking subliminal melody, Noel adds a sense of somberness to this storming track. I do wish he would have built on the melody a bit more or thrown in some of his signature break beats that I love. There is enough production trickery to fool the ear, making repeated listens very enjoyable for months to come.

Stryke’s (Substance Recordings / Hooj Choons) remix, with it’s brooding bass lines makes a great addition to Noel’s original. It certainly delivers a more in your face approach to Noel’s ideas. The bass line, as if growling in pain builds alongside the charging drums and stabbing synths right up to the climax. The breakdown is ferocious with a marching band’s drum line styled breakbeat and low bass bombs. Dropping out to almost nothing but building blips, Stryke builds suspense with the listener. Distorted vocals re-introduce the main line of the track returning to where it left off. The styles in this track range from techno to tribal to trance, a trait which Stryke is known for.

DJs, pick this up. Dancefloors will love you for it.

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